Metro Ethernet Service – An Introduction to Basic Concepts

Metro Ethernet services fall under two basic concepts, both of which are in regards to the method in which data travels. These include wholesale and retail, with a retail service being a private line. This is a more traditional approach whereas wholesale denotes bulk, so it is a service in which a large Ethernet “pipe” is sold to various customers – generally many of them.The scenario doesn’t differ much for either of these services in its basic form, in other words the way in which the Ethernet is structured and the equipment it uses is no different. Traffic between customers does not get confused as each service is isolated. Each customer receives a well-defined SLA through their transport pipes depending on which circuit or packet has been paid for.It is only when switching and multiplexing is applied to the packets which makes things different. EOS and RPR are two instances in which the methods of Ethernet transport differ. For multiplexing clients, they share the same bandwidth and this is controlled and boundaries created by “packet queuing” whereas switching clients have their own pipe. The chief difference is that the boundaries in multiplexing are maintained by means of logic, this ensures definition or QoS.The service provider ensures that they identify each client’s traffic in the network pipe if it is shared and they also identify and enforce the appropriate services to each client, depending on the bandwidth purchased. These guys (the service provider) are also able to transparently move each client’s traffic to various locations (transparent LAN) if the need arises and they are also equipped in the process of customer scaling. This is vital to ensure that every customer receives the packet they are paying for and deployment of a VPN as well as any-to-any connectivity is applied.Ethernet technology is Local Area Network technology or more commonly LAN, and is the widely used type of LAN. LAN was originally used by Xerox on a system called Alohanet, which was originally in operation at the Palo Alto Research Center. After realizing its usefulness it was develop more so DEC and Intel pitched in with Xerox to further this development. Most typically, coaxial cables are used and this cable is built from specifically twisted wires. Is the most commonly used and it provides10Mbps transmission.The speeds of Ethernet vary and from 10BASE-T it increases in speed to 100BASE-T for 100Mbps speeds, 1000BASE-T, and so on. There is also 1 Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet, and these are unbelievably fast, but they do have a place in LAN technology.The man who takes credit for developing, and the naming of Ethernet is Robert Metcalfe, he named it after the “ether” that light transmitting substance which helps pervade the entire Universe with light. The synonym works very well and the “Ethernet” is cabling which allows the entire network (universe) to be pervaded with data.Robert Metcalf invented Ethernet as far back as 1973; hard to believe isn’t it? Originally it was called DIX, because of the collaboration between Digital, Intel and Xerox, and today is it standard protocol as a medium of communication.


Tips to Capture Great Videos Using Your Smartphone Camera

All the Smartphones are well equipped in helping you capture pictures and videos to your delight. The thing is that you need to be able to capture that moment flawlessly using the camera. Even after great features and camera app enhancements the results of the videos captured by you are not up to the mark.Given here are a few tips that will help you in capturing great video using your smartphone:Best position to shoot a video is landscapeThe landscape orientation is better when you are recording a video or else it would be ruined if you try the portrait mode. Another reason for using this mode is wide coverage and better video output when you stream it on larger screen.FramingThis means that you need to focus on your subject well. This would require you to keep your subject a bit off the center for more appeal.

When not to zoomIf you think that using digital zoom would help you capture better video then you need a reality check. The zoom is the worst enemy of video recording. It leads to pixilation therefore it is suggested that you get close to your subject instead of using zoom.When to use flashOften, it happens that you use flash for capturing a video and it turns out to be a disaster. The subject captured looks more like a ghost rather than a person. The LED flash mess with the color temperature that in turn brings about horrific effects. It is advisable to instead use the light that surrounds you or the light in your environment.Better utilization of backlightingThe backlit-settings too are not good for capturing videos. Your Smartphone camera is not equipped to capture people who are facing their back to the light and this is what creates a dark figure. You need to position the subject in such a way that the light should fall upon them, so configure the light setup before you go on capturing a video. If moving the subject is not possible then change your position to capture a better video.Using the time lapseTime lapse is a great technique to capture videos in varying frame rate. Replaying the sequence of time lapse photography gives you results that are amazing. For this it is advisable to use the feature of Hyperlapse provided by Instagram for iOS users.Accessories for your Smartphone cameraIt is always the camera accessories that make it worthwhile to be used for enhancing your pictures or your videos. You can opt for things like tripod mounts to add-on lens to turn your Smartphone camera into a DSLR. You can check out some accessories on Photojojo.

Editing VideosEditing not only helps you enhance your video but also gives you a chance to remove any flaws that you might have captured. You can even eliminate that which you do not want to keep. Adding effects, transitions or titles is easy. No matter which Smartphone you are using, an iOS smartphone or an Android Smartphone. You can opt for iMove that is designed for iPad and iPhone. For Android you can use Magisto and Videon.Utilizing these simple tips you will be able to capture good videos from your Smartphone. However, remember if you are keen on better video quality then you will need to go for high-end Smartphones with grater megapixels. Cameras with a bigger sensor will definitely do the trick for you.

The Comedy Box Office King

Spring is a time for the movie studios to put out their films that don’t quite fit as summer blockbusters and also don’t really belong with the more dramatic fare of the fall. That means plenty of family films and comedies will be released around this time, with each one dueling for the top spot at the box office. There have been some big earners in the comedy genre recently, though one was a fairly big surprise.Actress Melissa McCarthy’s career has really taken off in the last two years, as she went from the well-rated sitcom “Mike and Molly” to a movie star in just a few month’s time. Somewhere in between, she managed to earn an Emmy for her work on the sitcom and hosted “Saturday Night Live,” for which she got glowing reviews. When it was announced that her next movie, “Identity Thief,” would be released on February 8, 2013, everyone expected that it would be box office gold and stay in the theaters well into the spring.Those who predicted this were right on both counts, as the film grossed a whopping $47 million in its opening week, far surpassing all other films released around the same time. In its second week, it fell nearly 32 percent for a total tally of nearly $80 million over two weeks. This is actually a very small fall for comedies, which regularly earn half or less in the second week of release compared to the first week. This signaled to Hollywood that the film had staying power, which is why it was still in over 700 theaters nationwide by the second week of April.The film, released by Universal, stars McCarthy as a slightly unhinged and lonely woman named Diana who steals the identity of Sandy (Jason Bateman), a mild-mannered accountant who is trying to buy a house now that his wife Trish (Amanda Peet) is expecting their second child. They have outgrown their current home, and Sandy is relying on a move to a new job and the resulting bump in pay in order to qualify for the new home. Unfortunately for him, Diana’s use of his identity is ruining his credit and is about to get him fired. He takes it upon himself to track Diana down, resulting in a cross-country trip full of chaos and laughs.”Identity Thief” was expected to do well because of the star power of McCarthy and Bateman, so it was a bit of a surprise when “The Croods,” released on March 22, 2013, took in more money on its opening weekend. It opened to a shocking $62 million, which was far beyond the expectations of nearly everyone involved with the film. It stars the voice of Nicolas Cage as Grug, the father of a group of cavemen who stay in their cave at all times because Grug is paranoid that a prehistoric animal will kill them all. When his daughter Eep (Emma Stone) leaves the cave out of boredom, the family must follow and try to stay alive after their cave is destroyed.”The Croods” fell around 32 percent in its second week, which is very similar to the drop that “Identity Thief” experienced in its second week. It was still a strong performer though, and after just three weeks at the box office, it took in nearly $145 million domestically, which means that it has now recouped its very expensive $135 million budget. By the time all is said and done, it is sure to make a tidy profit for studio DreamWorks because it has something that “Identity Thief” does not-merchandise. After overseas receipts and doll and action figure merchandise monies are counted, “The Croods” will likely be the undisputed spring box office comedy king.For now, “Identity Thief” has the higher overall tally, so it is technically the comedy box office winner of the season. Of course, it has had more than a month longer in movie theaters and had a smaller opening weekend. Once “The Croods” has been out a few more weeks, it should easily overtake that tally. A good argument could be made for either movie; it really just depends on the perspective of the person who is looking at the numbers. Either way, both films were a nice shot in the arm for their respective studios during a period that is not known for getting such high numbers at the box office. Now both Universal and DreamWorks can go into the summer season with a little extra cash on hand in case one of their films doesn’t quite meet its earning goals.

Qualifying FHA to Streamline Refinance

FHA Mortgage Refinance program has made a good start and people who are basically having limited finances are opting for it. President Obama’s First Time Home Buyer’s Credit Stimulus plan has brought hope to the home buyers, and they see the plan is beneficial for them in the long run. Usually these homeowners are the first time home buyers and they have become eligible for the FHA loan. Under the FHA loan criteria, the home buyer has to put 3.5 percent down payment, when they decide to buy the residential property. This is quite a little percentage. Since June 2010, the interest rates charged under the FHA mortgage have gone down substantially and therefore, refinancing the FHA mortgage does make sense. The mortgage refinance plan available under the FHA is termed as FHA Streamline Refinance. The FHA refinancing option is also popular as the streamlined refinance program as it offers low interest rates on the residential property that you hold current and that too without any kind of appraisal. FHA Streamline Refinance finance also minimizes the elaborate paper work, and the best part is that all your paper work will be completed by the lender and this will save you both time and money. the loan program can be easily executed within 30 days time ad therefore, you will start saving the money.Get ready to avail FHA streaming finance. The smart home re financing program is available at low interest rates and is affordable to many lenders. Keep it in your mind that you strictly adhere to the loan mortgage terms and conditions as given under FHA program in order to qualify for the streaming finance. If you are in a hurry, then stop as it is high time that you start thinking on the FHA for a secured and better tomorrow. The program has already helped many homeowners to come out of financial drudgery and repay the mortgage loan in full. Are you ready to do your home homework before you file the qualifying applications for FHA? Many of the home owners have already qualified for FHA, and now it is your turn to get qualified for the program. Do not make the miss or else you’d be laid back and may even lose your sweet home.FHA Refinance Rates are low and in order to become eligible under the plan, you should have at least a 640 credit score and have a current FHA loan. Besides, there are many other eligibility criteria as well.

Top 5 Tips on Making Money With Your Glamour Images

To those who ever dreamed of being paid for taking glamour shots, I devote this article – discover 5 efficient ways to start making money from your glamour photographer’s skill.Now I reveal 5 sure-fire techniques of turning your vocation to glamour photography into a lucrative business venture. Just read it and see for yourselves!Ever thought, “if only I got $1 for every good picture I take…”? Well, here are 5 great ways to make your dream come true – in sums far greater than that!A glamour photographer has a plenty of opportunities to monetize their hobby to bring in some decent income that can add some pleasant bonuses to monthly cash-ins or even replace a good full-time salary.Already feeling excited? I haven’t told you the best part – there are multiple ways of making money with your glamour images and your artist’s skill! Let us have a quick insight in some of those effective techniques.

FirstYou can trade your skill as a glamour photographer. All you need is a DSLR, a studio (rented, owned, home-based, your friend’s – there are many options), a little self-marketing and a HUGE desire to make money. There are many people who would pay nicely for a professional glamour shot; so if you can deliver it, why not earn some extra cash for doing what you do best?SecondYou could take private coaching for beginner glamour photographers. You may not be a pro, but having enough credibility and some fresh, out-of-the-box ideas could compensate the lack of renown. This is not an easy one; however, digital art schools being diploma mills as they are, the market is overcrowded with hungry learners. You only need to step into it and take a niche. There are always people who would pay for knowledge – even if you are not a guru; and there is always something one person could teach another. So why can’t it be glamour photography?ThirdStock photography is a great opportunity to earn residual income from your glamour images. Resources like iStockphoto, Fotolia and many others would handle all the commercial issues for you, while you enjoy the revenue, getting anywhere from $3 to $5000 per one picture purchased. Saturating a photo bank with quality shots is a time-consuming process, but it can bring a lot of cash to you.FourthIf you are knowledgeable about the subject, you could always compile your knowledge into a good e-book and sell it, and sell it, and sell it… Glamour photography is no exception – you can trade your expertise in the form of informational products. This market is smoking-hot, while quality e-books are not a frequent catch. If you manage to produce good content and market it, people would buy, and buy, and buy…

FifthThere are always magazines out there actively hiring prospective artists. This has much to do with trading your skill and time, but you don’t need a studio – just your camera and inspiration. The employer will take care of everything else. If the very idea of having a boss to work for doesn’t make you shudder, this is the option worth considering.As you can see, there are literally hundreds of opportunities and resources to make your hobby turn into a little golden stream, which will eventually become a river. Like any other business, it can be successful and lucrative – provided that you are professional, sensible and, most importantly, dedicated!