Tips to Capture Great Videos Using Your Smartphone Camera

All the Smartphones are well equipped in helping you capture pictures and videos to your delight. The thing is that you need to be able to capture that moment flawlessly using the camera. Even after great features and camera app enhancements the results of the videos captured by you are not up to the mark.Given here are a few tips that will help you in capturing great video using your smartphone:Best position to shoot a video is landscapeThe landscape orientation is better when you are recording a video or else it would be ruined if you try the portrait mode. Another reason for using this mode is wide coverage and better video output when you stream it on larger screen.FramingThis means that you need to focus on your subject well. This would require you to keep your subject a bit off the center for more appeal.

When not to zoomIf you think that using digital zoom would help you capture better video then you need a reality check. The zoom is the worst enemy of video recording. It leads to pixilation therefore it is suggested that you get close to your subject instead of using zoom.When to use flashOften, it happens that you use flash for capturing a video and it turns out to be a disaster. The subject captured looks more like a ghost rather than a person. The LED flash mess with the color temperature that in turn brings about horrific effects. It is advisable to instead use the light that surrounds you or the light in your environment.Better utilization of backlightingThe backlit-settings too are not good for capturing videos. Your Smartphone camera is not equipped to capture people who are facing their back to the light and this is what creates a dark figure. You need to position the subject in such a way that the light should fall upon them, so configure the light setup before you go on capturing a video. If moving the subject is not possible then change your position to capture a better video.Using the time lapseTime lapse is a great technique to capture videos in varying frame rate. Replaying the sequence of time lapse photography gives you results that are amazing. For this it is advisable to use the feature of Hyperlapse provided by Instagram for iOS users.Accessories for your Smartphone cameraIt is always the camera accessories that make it worthwhile to be used for enhancing your pictures or your videos. You can opt for things like tripod mounts to add-on lens to turn your Smartphone camera into a DSLR. You can check out some accessories on Photojojo.

Editing VideosEditing not only helps you enhance your video but also gives you a chance to remove any flaws that you might have captured. You can even eliminate that which you do not want to keep. Adding effects, transitions or titles is easy. No matter which Smartphone you are using, an iOS smartphone or an Android Smartphone. You can opt for iMove that is designed for iPad and iPhone. For Android you can use Magisto and Videon.Utilizing these simple tips you will be able to capture good videos from your Smartphone. However, remember if you are keen on better video quality then you will need to go for high-end Smartphones with grater megapixels. Cameras with a bigger sensor will definitely do the trick for you.


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